The Main Concept

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We're here to help from the very start. In this stage we create storyboards, write scripts, create visual concepts, find talent and scout for locations. This is one of the most important stages of film production and it is what happens before the shooting even begins. We start with an idea, create a budget and a plan, then begin planning from there.


Here is where the filming begins. From setup to take down, we have a team constantly working to bring your project to life. Whether it's a remote location or a cozy studio, we're always up for the task!


From here we hand all the raw media to our editor(s) for them to bring everything together. They color correct, color grade, add scoring, sound effects and sometimes even visual effects! They are also the ones behind the advanced titles and animations! The editors work hard on both visuals and audio, constantly making improvements to the film and bringing it to life.