The Main Concept

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Moodboards help us visually illustrate and portray a particular style or mood. This allows both sides of the party to have a clear understanding of what the final product should be like. We want to understand your style, and we want you to understand ours! Moodboards help bridge this gap!

Location & Lighting

Finding a good location with equally good lighting can be difficult. We help figure out the best location for you or what type of lighting would be needed for your location. These two aspects have a dramatic effect on image quality, so it is important to take the time and find a great location.

Post Processing

This is where we get to add our style and flare to the photos. We reference the moodboard to understand your preferences and use them as a guide to make the photos right for you. We also touch up the photos and declutter distracting elements. This helps keep a sharp focus on the key aspects of the image.